Posted on: September 9, 2009 2:40 pm

Brandon Marshall Week 1 prediction

OK  we have all read about his juvenile antics in trying to get traded or a new contract - but the guy is talented
question is - without playing in any preseason games, without practicing with his new QB - what will his stats be for week 1?
is he a legit WR1 or WR2 or should he be benched for week 1?
who would you start over him?

i will start

i think he get 80 yds and 1 td  -  Broncos dont have many other options and the Bengals defense does'nt scare anybody

i am starting him over lavernaeous coles  -  but would start lee evan ahead of him

what do you think??
Posted on: September 4, 2008 5:34 pm

Politics and Religion and Trolls

This is a site for everyone to get out their opinions, agressions, antagonism, etc, etc

leave the sports sites alone - you can come here and beat yourselves silly


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Posted on: September 4, 2008 5:06 pm

NFL and Fantasy Football Free-For-All


I wanted to start a site for all football fans to come and chill out

Please - NO POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS discussions/posts - there are plenty of other threads for that

let me start this off - i had a hard decision to make this week

  • Ryan Grant (injured hamstring, hold out, new QB and up against Vikes tough run D)  or
  • Darren McFadden (not a starter, rookie and going against porous Denver run D)

i drafted Grant as my stud - but benched him for McFadden  -  comments?

also CBS sportline and others are projecting that Aaron Rodgers will outscore Marc Bulger  -  I don't believe them so I am starting Bulger


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